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Want to know more about nordstrom benefits? website is exclusive for nordstrom employees only, to know more about what it offers for their employees are listed on the website. Before you need to know about the benefits, first you need to create the login credentials once you are associated with them.

Mynordstrom by Nordstrom for its Employees:

A special web portal is made only for Nordstrom employees to access their payslip and other work schedules online. There is more options are available for their employees to make use of that portal. Before that let's know more about the company history and how its all started in creating special employee portal.


Nordstrom is one of the leading department store chain operated by American Incorporation. Nordstrom associates are the one who are the employees of Nordstrom Inc., All the employees should respect the company policy in maintaining the confidentiality of business operation. There is enough terms and privacy policy for each employees to maintain it.

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In case if you are wondering on how you could access it, we have mentioned a detailed steps below.

Access to check Payslip & Benefits option:

Employees also have the benefit of accessing the retirement plans, holiday vacations, discounts for employees, incentive and health plans etc,. The employees can access their payslips and benefits options from mynordstrom website by logging to their personal dashboard.
  • Login in to website using the login credentials.
  • Use Reset Password to reset your password if you have used the password for more number of days. and we recommend you to reset it every 180days.
  • Use Forget Password to know the password which you had set already by following the necessary instructions.

Mynordstrom Register (New Hires):

If you are new joinee, then you need to look for some link which offers "New Hire" which can be found on the right side of the screen. Now you need to provide the username and password (If you are registered). Not registered user need to click on the "New User" button and should follow the onscreen instructions in order to create the account.

Not an Employee Section

This section is specially for who are not an employee of Nordstrom and want to became one. Those people need to check the nordstrom career section. Click on "Not an employee" near the "new hire" and you will be taken to hiring page where you can get lot more opportunities to explore the employment options. Based on your need and qualification you can apply for certain roles.

Internship Section

Nordstrom offers various internship option for students who want have a better understanding of the market. One of the main criteria is time commitment. So be ready to face it. Students can apply for any internship offered by company in various locations.

Outstanding Work Awards Section

Nordstrom is best for employee and always there will be career growth, Because of their rewarding programs. They always reward employees who are doing their excellent job work. The workspace is entirely filled with fun, support and more. It always work to satisfy the customer need at all the time. There is more benefits option for them as well like., medical insurances, discounts , retirement plans and more...